loading AVCHD files that are 30p in 60i wrapper

I am currently trying to load some footage from a Panny Lumix GH2 which uses the AVCHD wrapper that only supports 1080 @ 60i. However the footage was shot in 30p. Blender doesn’t seem to recognize this when I import it to the VSE, the sound and video are off by a factor of 2 (signifying of course that they are at different rates.) Has anybody done this successfully or do I need to re-wrap the AVCHD stuff to AVI or something else to get blender to see the footage as 30p? I’d like to stay native if possible.



Easiest approach, drop native go to intermediate codec. But I don’t personaly like this (to little HDD space and time). Anyway, you cannot get Blender to re-interperet footage once it is loaded sorry. So is the vision half as long as the audio? Unless you can use the speed effect to alter the length without dropping frames then I think that you are out of luck.

No the video is twice as long as audio, (My declared size in blender is 30p). I can get many other of my cheesy NLEs to recognize that it is actually 30p. Mediainfo says it’s 30p. However blender thinks it is 60i, ergo the audio is exactly half of the length of the video. I’d given up on my less than pro level NLEs (Corel and Elements) but may have to go back to them with my new camera…

If it doesn’t change between 2 frames use speed effect and double speed.

Just a quick note: mediainfo is not always to be trusted regarding reported fps. I’ve learned this the hard way when making a videotutorial series. The scrip was supposedly recording 25fps but for some reason it ended up recording 50. Mediainfo incorrectly identified these screencaptures as 25fps while they actually were 50 fps. The problem surfaced when the files were imported into the VSE for editing. Re-examining the files through ffmpeg gave accurate fps readings.