Loading bar?

How do I d this in the GE?

Create a new blend file that is linked (through logic bricks) to your main menu file when you hit play, set a delay timer, that when it is finished counting it goes to the next blend file (your level).

In other words, Create a menu file, (or scene), a level file (or scene) and a loading file (or scene), These will all switch through a logic brick set up. Your “Loading” file/scene, will have a plane (or other object) with an IPO set to change it’s scale. and when it is done, (IE when the delay timer attatched to it) finishes it will switch over to your level file/scene.

That’s… not really a loading bar, just a bar that fills, and THEN starts loading. A loading bar displays loading progress.

However, there really isn’t a way to do a loading bar in Blender because nothing starts running until everything is loaded. Maybe when we get dynamically linked libraries we could measure the loading time, but for now no scripts can be run while things are loading.


Yes but it is a good way to fake a loading bar, seeing as there is no true way to do a loading bar (as far as I am aware) in the blender game engine, I use that way just to make people wait. Best of luck Arbiter.

An alternative would be to simply display a static screen saying “Loading, please wait”. It’s not the same as the loading bar, but has roughly the same purpose and doesn’t look odd compared to the bar that loads before the loading even starts :slight_smile:


Yeah this has been a problem since way back… dammit… you just make us wait :confused: