loading blend shapes

is it possible to load in blender a blend shape or shape key ?

for example you model an expression in zbrush. can you now load this as a shape key in blender?

is it possible?

Of curse when you load an object it has a shape, the base shape. Other shapes are controlled by given vertex coordinates against the base vertex coordinate. Those are set by shape function in Blender; a snapshot of vertex coordinate that can be stowed and processed. Do Z brush have that kind of “Shape” functions?

Do Z brush have subsurface modifier? Because in Blender, you create shapes with subsurface modifier. That way you can control many vertexes position with only a few vertexes.

You can copy shape keys from one object to another as long as the base meshes are the same. Have you tried exporting each modified mesh from zbrush as an obj, import into blender and then copying that shape to your base mesh ?

i have the same base mesh. how can we copy shape keys from one object to another? i tryed tranfer but it didnt work.


Use Join as Shapes instead. Select the modified shape and Shift-select the object you want to apply the shape to, then select Join as Shapes from the little context menu of the Shape Keys menu.