Loading character externally

Hello does any one know how to properly load a character to a level when its being played in the engine?

For example, the level is its own file and the character is its own file how to load both together but properly. I have tried loading my character in Blender before by opening the level and then appending the character but showed some negative side effects like the character wouldn’t play animations or something this is also why I never bothered to try this method before and would open the character model and append the level.

How can blender load a character .blend file to a level but without appending?

Should be group linking tutorials laying around somewhere, but basically:

  1. Create a dupligroup containing your player and all associated objects (Properties editor -> Object data tab -> Add to Group)
  2. Link (not append) the group (not object) to your level
  3. Add an instance of the player with Shift + A -> Group Instance

And of course you can do the same for all re-usable assets, so minor edits don’t require manually updating each level.
I feel like there was an issue loading animations if the action wasn’t linked to the object in some way. Can’t remember exactly…