Loading Multilayer EXR not created in Blender into the Compositor ???


there is an old thread (from 2009) stating that Blender can only import all layers in an multilayer EXR file if it was created with Blender in the first place, but not if it was created with another application.

Is this still the case or is there a way to import a multilayer file to be used in the Blender compositor?


Isn’t there an EXR importer? I know there was some issue with proprietary layer formats. Can you import it for image texture then add it as a node from internal library?

The EXR gets loaded, but shows only nodes for Image, Alpha and Z.
It was created with VRayForC4D and contains different passes for Reflection, Refraction, GI, etc. and I want to comp it together in the Compositor and add some additional effects (e.g. Smoke) in Blender to it.

Otherwise I have to find a way to split the file in each layer and load it in with dozens of Image nodes, which is quite a pain in the back…