Loading Reference images

Sorry for such a noob question, but how do I load a reference image.
Thx Mux

As far as I can tell, this only works under orthographic mode. (View >> Orthographic)
Once there, go to View >> Background Image to bring up a panel where there is an “image” folder allowing you to locate the background image you want to use. The cool thing is that as you zoom in and out to edit your work, the image also changes to match your mesh.


There is a second method. I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but it involves adding a plane object to the scene, UV mapping the reference image to the surface, and clicking the DrawType button to “Textured”. The advantage is that it works in both Ortho and Perspective mode, and works if the view is NOT directly on one of the axis views.

There should be some details about this on the forum, do a search for “blueprint”

Here’s some details:

:slight_smile: I was wondering what people were doing when they said to model in perspective mode because it’s more accurate. Is their reason because reference photos themselves are often perspective views?

You’ll have to ask them, I always model in isometric mode.