Loading Render Kernels Problem: Not loading

Hello all,
I recently updated my blender version to 2.66 and I am having issues with GPU rendering in cycles.
The issue is that it is not loading at all, Blender doesn’t do anything after initiating the render.
I am using Ubuntu 12.10, have CUDA/toolkit 5.0 installed, and my graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 260.
I have left Blender ‘loading render kernels’ for hours and nothing changes. I have tried the default scene (after switching to cycles and GPU compute) and it still doesnt render. CPU rendering is fine and i don’t know what the problem is, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you use 2.66 from blender.org the kernel is included and you don´t need toolkit, only 310 driver from ubuntu software management.

Location of the kernels are > blender-2.66-linux-glibc211-x86_64/2.66/scripts/addons/cycles/lib

Official builds are work with Cuda Toolkit 4.2, 5.0 is not supported.
Your GTX 260 is not longer supported in 2.67 but 2.66 should work.

Cheers, mib.