loading screen and alpha shadow howto?

first question

  • video texture working when loading next scene(from other blend) or not?
    second question
  • how to make shadow of alpha texture of plane
    more specific shadow of tree leaf.

it might work if you have the video texture in an overlay scene, and replace the actual game scene with another one. but not if you just set another scene as active scene, because this would remove the overlay scene after loading the other one.
perhaps you need python to replace a scene/change the order of the scenes.

Oh sorry I don’t chage scene I chage blend.

Well you could go like;
Menu.blend –> Loading.blend –> LevelOne.blend
With Loading.blend have a delay until the video ends for the next .blend to be loaded.

The ‘real shadow’ would have to be a fake, baked shadow.

I’ll try loading technic.
But how to rotate bake shadow if I use day/night cycle?

Umm… animated texture/animated plane? That’s a hard task, or at least to me it is.
It also depends, does it just get darker (the light decreases) or does the sun move (animation)?
If it’s A then you could just make the shadow darker/lighter.
If it’s B then I really amn’t sure, it will have to be animated somehow.

It’s B Sun is move so I’ve to find some tutorial about bake shadow and it shold be video texture shadow or use many texture.
It’s really hard.