Loading screens?

If I were to make a game where there was a large amount of content that needed to be drawn in order to progress to a new level, etc, how would I use a loading screen in BGE?

Of course, creating a scene actuator and making a “Set Scene” command is all well and good for short loading times, but after a while players might think that the game might have just frozen up loading the next area.

Also, it looks SO much more professional to have one of these in your game. Not to mention menu screens… :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know how this can be done?

Have your loading scene in front of the camera, and have your game scene be the “backround scene” then after an amount of time have your loading scene disapear and the player able to control the character.

Blender loads everything already when you start. In big games a game could have a start delay because blender it loading everything, like logic bricks, meshes, textures, scripts and stuff. If you want to be sure that when your games it started it also runs directly smooth or you really want to add a loading screen, you have to fake it.

Create a plane with a loading texture and place it in front of your camera for a while. Or better would be creating a new scene with a plane with a loading texture on it, so you can re-use it on different parts of the game. You can overlay a scene (like a layer on top of everything) with the “Scene Actuator”

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