Loading system help

I’m trying to get a loading system for a game i’m making. i want to save the position of the character and load in a new scene, but i am having problems. The scene loads, the character seems to be in place, but the new scene seems to not recognize that the character moved. I kind of want the scenes to work like layers, it seems like i have to make a new character for every scene, if i did that, then the save load doesnt work, because the names of the object change per scene. What i’m trying to do is load in a new area of a level when he opens a door. I was hoping to use a saveload i found to remember his location to make the transition seamless. If anyone can help that would be great.

Here is a video to the game i’m working on fast foward to 2 minutes.http://www.youtube.com/user/carlosandlexi#play/all/uploads-all/0/Fu2v6UEVjdc

Rather than saving the position based on the name of the object, give your character a special property.
Then on load, search through the list of objects that have the same property. Only the objects with that particular property would be effected.