Lobo (particle hair and guides test)

Well, I wanted to really try out those particle guides and decided to do whit the help of Lobo (an extremely violant DC-comics character), as he has so fab messy hair. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna change the skin and bump map textures after I get the hair in order. So here he is.


Question, where can I get my hands on those particle guides? Are they in that 2.40 alpha release, cause I don’t know where they’re at.

The particles look a bit thick for hair, and the eyes need some kind of retna, iris, even if they are a variation of the red color you currently have, the blank orb though does not look good. The rest of the face is great though!

How did you do it?
I want a tutorial (becouce my atempts at hair was ridiculous)!

The build I’m using atm is this: http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7338&sid=732a86423e9affd2a9c2cddd83d212e7

khunm: Yes, the particles are a bit thick, I’m still figuring it all out. :smiley:
And as for the eyes, I’ve seen only one official pick of Lobo whit irises, so who am I to argue whit Simon Bisley? (Or anyone else who has drawn the character) Actually I should add some glow on the eyes if anything else.

And a quick tutorial:

Add a particle emitter and activate STATIC and VEC buttons. Add a curve a BEZIER CURVE and active CURVEPATH (You need this, the curve won’t work as a guide whit out it). Then activate the GUIDE button and give the guide some a bit of STRENGHT and SPEED from the fields and deflections panel.

Here’s a update on the character. I’ve changed the hair shader and adjusted the guides quite a bit. Skin texture is different as well.

The hairs need to come to a point. something more like this perhaps http://web.pdx.edu/~wlf/hairy1.jpg. It is really easy to do. Also, you could apply a texture to the 8th texture slot to give the hairs a little wavyness. Take full advantage of the new particle features!!

Here’s a small update whit better hair texture, I finally noticed the new strand mapping option :smiley:

Very much improved. You have z trans on for the particles? What are your particle settings?

Yes, Ztrasnp is turned on. As for the particle settings, the hair count is about 10000 and beard 250 particles.
Check the pic for rest of the settings. Got any suggestions?

ei Lobolla ole niin pitkää partaa

translation: Lobo dont have that long beard