LOC - Linux Open Console

I’m going to make a new console.
Starting by what I can do already, my first concept, rendered in cycles.

looks awesome already xD i use linux and win7, my only question is this… what games can you play in linux?

All the ones I and everyone else will be able to make on the future for this machine for example :evilgrin:
It will have an quite capable commercial graphic chip and CPU, so anyone with blender can do it… for exemple.

Oh, i was confused, i thought i was going to be reading about the console you type commands into.

Hehe I was seeing that one coming :yes:

it would be great if i could play all my windows games like crysis and dirt 3 in linux, it would save having to reboot into windows 7 every night for a blast on a game lol

Crysis and Dirt is the past, I’m talking about the future here :evilgrin:

Those specific two, I think I can safely affirm that for the best experience you’ll have to use your windows PC :yes:

cool design and idea too!

Would love to see this become a reality. For a prototype you could just bung a rasberry Pi into that case ( if you can get hold of one that is… ) :wink:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it!
but… what is a rasberry Pi? You’re the second person that says that.
Now I’ll have to google for that :confused:

for a test you can always use a 1st gen xbox, install linux over it (relatively easy actually) strip away the box and fit it inside your own case, and there you have a linux console, of course its not next gen gaming but it would be good just to show off that its possible so you can get some funding ;D

That’s an interesting idea hehe

Got rid of the antennas, they will be put inside

What do you think? Better!?

looks better :slight_smile: antenna’s so pre 2010 ;D nice usb stick, whats its purpose?

[edit] it kind of reminds me of the N64, probably the greatest console ever xD

Thanks! It’s the media storage device :slight_smile: the LOC won’t have a optic disk reader… just flash memory.
Antennas also suck if you don’t have enough horizontal clearance on the shelf for instance.

oh i see, nice idea :slight_smile: i thought the cylyder in the middle was the disk drive, like the pop up ones of the PSone :S
flash memory is awesome though xD

The middle disk is clearance for the cooling solution, like a hotrod hood :slight_smile:
USB disks makes it all easy and fast, for the player and for the developer. Developer will probably use the LAN connection but can use the USB as easily.

i like it xD how are you going to be manufacturing these? it will be cool to have a console which has a proper operating system in it so were not limited by the options like in other games consoles (xbox 360 im looking at you right now)

One day in the future I’ll find a tuxedo, inside the tuxedo will be an human, inside the human will be a will to invest in something cool, I’ll explain my idea to the human and show him cool pictures :evilgrin:

The first concept for the controllers… these aren’t the final design, but the idea of the 3 analog sticks should be to maintain.

3 analog sticks, i never thought about that, awesome idea, although the shape at the moment of the controllers is kinda like them plug and play arcade machines for your kids, sorry to keep sounding critical, i just love your idea and being a big gamer myself want to help out however i can :slight_smile: the madcatz 360 contoller is probably the best designed controller i have used, it feels like a serious controller, unlike the standard one which feels a little to kiddy-ish with all its perfectly rounded edges.

damn i lost my tux ;D

Digital buttons were great in the 2D games, but now I think they are becoming more like an unnecessary limitation. The sticks will allows allot more freedom and movements that will result in a better and easier to endure virtual quest :slight_smile:

Thans! This is just the first try… I’m not satisfied with the design yet.

i totally agree, but i think there should be a couple of sliders on modern control pads, like trigghers they would go at the back, but unlike triggers which are used by index fingers these ones would be used by the middle finger, since its just sat there doing nothing but its as versatile as the index finger it would make sense to put it good use, in my opinion anyway lol.