Loc not Rot !

Loc NOT Rot :mad:
Hi… let’s say I need to parent object “A” to object “B”, I need object A to only be parented to B’s location data not rotation data. like if I have a tank I need the gunner to move along with tank (parented to location only) but i don’t want it to rotate with the tank rotations … is there is a way to it ? [constraint :confused: ?!!]
I’m sorry i cant explain it in a better way - english is not my native language … but I’m sure the title attracted attention :eyebrowlift:

ChildOf constraint. You can deselect rotation and scale leaving just location.

Thankx you [solved] !

You can simply use vertex parent.

*select the child
*select the parent
*go into edit mode
*select ONE vertex
*parent -> vertex parent