loc or visual-loc (behind I-key), which for what?; when using motion-blur.

hi again,

i would like to render a wheel with an effekt of motion. it should of course seem as if it were spinning. how would i get such a blur effect?
i can’t find a tutorial on this and i knew it before a long while ago but can’t remember any more how i did it.

does anyone know how to achieve that blur not with vektor blur but with the old oversampling methode?



you can fake it without motion by compositing and using the vector pass of a spinning plane applied to its image. I did a video tutorial on it i think, some time ago.

But it would be simplest and best just to spin it using an Ipo curve (do you know how to do that?) and turn on MBlur in the Render panel.

ah no,

thank you for your advise. i believe i did it earlier somehow without “ipo” but i really can’t remember now - and unfortunatly i didn’t store that project. however i am not familiar with ipo yet, i’ll definitly hook up to that feature someday. but right now it is a little bit to time consuming i believe.

but thanks again for your help :slight_smile: ,


If you just want this for one still shot, you can key automatic key frames to setup the motion. With the wheel selected in frame 1, press I and choose LockRot. Advance to Frame 3, rotate your wheel as much as you want it to move in the motion blur (like 30 degrees), press I and choose LockRot. Now, Render frame 2 with MBlur enabled. No need to ever look at the IPO window, unless you just want to see the curve you created with the key frames.

thats it! thank you very much!! :):):slight_smile:

i knew there was a short and easy way :eyebrowlift: .

i’ll post a short-tut for that in a short while as a tribut to you, thank you.

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Looks great, I almost thought about posting a mini-tut with pics. But, you said you had done it before, so I figured I would take a shot at the simply steps. I am sure there will be others that would love a Tut. Would be nice to add a tire and parent it to the rim.


i just wanted to do a mini-tutorial for here, and i tripped over two new questions to the blur-mode:

1. when doing the setting for a blur effect and pressing the I-key for locking, what is the difference between simply " loc", and “visual loc”?
tried both - i can’t yet detect the difference. :confused:

2. is it possible in blender (without yafray - cause i don’t know yafray good enough yet) to make an object seem to be at the head of the blur-effect?
when i blur-render a moved object the result is always that the object is in the middle of the blur and thus seems to be bouncing back and forth, while i need a blur in only one direction, backwards, you know, in order to make the motion seem to be in only one direction, not in two, like back and forth (or up and down as in image).

thanks very much for responds.

avalon :yes: