Loc script not working, problems with dynamic armature.

I’ve got an armature thats dynamic, i increased the radius so it wouldn’t sit partially in the floor and at max radius the feet still go through.
Then also when the armature bumps into walls it slides away like a hockey puck despite the fact that my damp and rot damp are max.

I tried using Force and Torque instead of loc and rot and the armature moves like a race car but doesn’t bounce like a hockey puck at least. The racecar movement makes them unusable though.

I was beginning to experiment around with making a simple ragdoll script when i couldn’t get the game engine to set the loc.
When the script is run outside the game engine it sets loc to where i want it. And when i run it in the game engine it will print my “this script is running” command, but it won’t set the loc.

(Cube set to dynamic is getting set to other cubes loc offset by a bit)
import Blender

ob = Blender.Object.Get(‘HandR’)
oz = Blender.Object.Get(‘ArmR’)
x = oz.LocX
y = oz.LocY
z = oz.LocZ
n = 0
ob.LocX = x-2.2
ob.LocY = y
ob.LocZ = z

Also if you know a good tutorial on constraints i assume i can ditch trying to set the loc manually.