Local Blender Communities

Blenderartists.com exists to help unite Blender users so they may share tips, projects, or general feedback for other users. I propose that this be taken to a local level by forming Blender clubs. This thread would allow people who live in or near a major city to collabarate with one another and maybe meet each other face to face. I think that it would be a great way of showing how vast the Blender community is, and would help newbies like myself (lol) learn the ropes faster and hopefully more effeciently. MY ultimate goal for these clubs is for the local clubs to model local landmarks or some other famous place near where they live. Eventually, these .blend files would be combined to create the entire world of Blender. Yes, yes it is quite whimsical, but I just thought I would throw this out there.

I tried to start up this sort of thing a few months ago, the one I arranged for Melbourne (Australia) didn’t end up happening. My main problem is that I actually live about 2 1/2, 3 hours away from the city, though I frequently-ish spend time there (I’m on a 2 week stint right now).

It would be nice if someone else would take over what I tried, and make it work.

well you can all come to New Zealand and i’d be glad to throw an event :stuck_out_tongue:


yes we tried in melbourne but noone showed up and those that did diddnt reconise each other will try again when i get back from the UK in march by the way anyone from the UK want to meet up with me? just pm me

How familair it all sounds :wink:

PS. its BlenderArtists.org

right , Logan !

Come to our new blender club in Groningen Holland
silicon lounge simplon , boterdiep , groningen, holland
every tuesday evening
19.00 till 22.30 hours
greetz Cesar

It works well for Linux User Groups so why not? I’d tag along to pick a few brains if there was a local group

I’m sorry Daveman but I’ve lost my elvish dictionary, I remember amin as I, mine, posessive suffix, hmm.

I can’t seem to find any UK based blender groups, forums, anything. I was quite pleased to find another blenderer in york - kind of vaguely the same part of england, and I know like ONE other blenderer in Sheffieldd, my closest city.

Hull Blenderer right here.

Would anyone be willing to set up a website or host a page to help people set this sort of thing up?

Also, if anyone does arrange anything, it might be a good idea to contact the poeple at BlenderNation (and any other relevant sites you can think of) so they can add you to the event tracker thingy.

There’s a website that was used to display a world map showing the distro of Elephants Dream. Could we use that to map locations of Blender Users to see where we could gather???

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i have read throu this and this has inspired me my website

www.blenderheads.com has space available to host this sort of project

IF ANYONE IS WILLING TO CODE THIS, IT CAN BE HOSTED AT NO CHARGE (you will also have the administrative rights to that part as well)

since the website is developed for the greater good of the community, this can easely be achieved

you can contact me at [email protected] if interasted