Local Blender Users Groups.

I have thought about this idea for a while.

#1 Are there local blender users groups in the world that meet on a regular basis?
#2 If I wanted to start one in my city what woudl be the best way to annouce it?
#3 If #1 is true what goes on at the meetings?


  1. probably

  2. if one doesn’t exist already. then someone could create a usergroups forum at blender battles (a totally seperate forum, i can run several forums off the same interface/site/login. with a section for each country, and such.
    but many countries have private sites already, such as czech usergroup and things. but if someone wants to admin and moderate a section like that then i would be happy for that to happen. we could then have inter country battles as well as other ones LOL.

anyone want to set up and mod one then PM a CV to me and i will perhaps do it, i think a mod for each country would be good

  1. wild sex…well i hope not but it sounded like a good answer.


Two I know of are in Argentina


and Spain. Many of the Spanish groups activities have been reported in the News section of blender.org.


hah, I was going to reply to this, but you did my job :slight_smile:

in our weekly finnish user group meetings we drink ourself into stupor, while looking at hot CG chicks. oh, and I’m the only participant too, so more booze for me.


Bahahahahaha Basse

was funny, and then when you said you were the only person it became hilarious :stuck_out_tongue: