local coordinate system

hey everybody,
how can you give a mesh a local coordinate system?
I want to rotate an Objekt around the local axis and not around the global axis.

In pseudo-code:
make cube
copy global system in cube
rotate cube (X.axis) on global system(45°)
rotate cube (Y.axis) on local system (45°)

I hope that was understandable… :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: I had a solution with a parent empty which was rotating. -But don’t wanna use this because u can’t put any modifiers on empties…

You do need to parent it to some thing for it to operate it in local.

As far as I understand this global / local has to do with Blender animation and how it is recorded. It is done in global system only. Constraints are used to get around this limitation. Child can base its coordinate system off the parents’ coordinate system.