local ipo?

(corban) #1

hi there,

i searched the forums a bit but i could not find the thing i was looking for. does anyone know how to make “local movements”?

example: i have a cube that moves around via keyboard sensor/motion actuator. i added another keyboard sensor(space) that should make the cube jump (it’s not only a jump but a complicated movement, so i recorded it via keyframes). when i use the ipo actuator, it uses absolute coordinates, the cubes jumps back to its starting position. so, how do i execute this animation locally?

thanx in advance, corban

(Peter) #2

Instead of moving around the Cube directly you should Parent it to an Empty.
If you don’t want to keframe again, do like this:
Create an Empty, Position it at the coordinate were your cube is (make shore that your animation are at frame 1). Parent the Cube to the Empty (select the cube, then the Empty and hit Ctrl + P), then use the motion actuator on the Empty insteed. Now when you hit space your Cube will perform it’s animation wherever your Emty are positioned.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(kEinStein) #3

Hm. Interesting! I’ve got a similar problem some time ago in a game I was making (I’ve put it on ice until I know how to fix it): What about a dice that you just flip around the edges? But it should always show the right numbers on the faces - even if you flipped it once, twice or more times. I’ve tried one, two, more empties in various combinations and behaviours to achieve something like that - I wasn’t able to. Then my hd crashed and the last versions were lost, so I began to texture older again - but so I couldn’t make that behaviour of the dice and I put that project on suspension.

Somebody an idea? It looked great and I would rather resume the work on it…