Local shop

Hi, I want to show You 3d visualisation of commercial facility – local shop. I couldn’t show of original clients logo so I
put a ordinary text that looks similar to logo. This 3d architectural visualisation have to show architecture of building, and how building will look like in given locations. Winter looks of images is because in Poland we don`t have real winter in this year.
And You, what do You think about that 3d visualisation of commercial facility?


and one for people who yearn summer :wink:


Very nice! I like it. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks! Please tell me which image is the best for You?

I prefer the first one.

Well done! The first one looks very realistic but I prefer the third - it is very well integrated and it gives a very good idea how the building will look in reality. The other are more “artistic” and therefore a bit misleading :slight_smile:

Thanks for comment - this is very important to me. @maraCZ - Yes You have right only third picture show building in actual place where it will put. Others were for client to prospect. There were two other pictures like this third one but photo used to show this building were in small resolution and don’t look good enough.
Here You have clay render of last image.