Local square block extrusion in sculpting mode, is it possible?

Completely newbie here. I am new to blender, I am wondering is it possible in sculpting mode, to get the following effect:

Say I have a square cylinder or a cube, and I want to extrude a small square region on one of its surface, you can imagine this to be a building, and it has a square window, and the window is slightly out of the building wall plane. And I hope to repeat this effect for every surface, and each surface has three by three windows. I don’t need the window to be perfect sharp cornered. It could be slightly rounded.

Currently I found all brush is in circle. Could anyone give me some guidance.

Thanks a lot!

Hi and welcome to the forums,

is there a specific reason why you want to use the sculpting mode?

In edit mode, you can

  • Select a face
  • W key-> subdivide
  • In the tool panel (press T to show/hide it), set the number of cuts to 6
  • Select only those faces that will be windows
  • Delete the faces (X key->Only faces)

This is one possible approach. Other/further steps depend on what else you want to do.

If anything’s unclear, feel free to ask.