Local View without changing viewing angle and selection


Is there a way to enter and exit local view without having Blender move and rotate the view? When comparing things to each other it can be very distracting to have the camera at different angles.

Furthermore is there a way to exit local view without Blender going back to the selection that was made before entering?

Often I will isolate several objects, ObjA, ObjB and ObjC. Then, when in local view I decide that I don´t need ObjC, so I want to exit local view with only ObjA and ObjB selected enter again and have only ObjA And ObjB isolated.
However, after exiting local view, Blender Selects ObjC automatically again and I have to manually deselect it before entering local view. This can be time consuming in scenes with lots of objects.

I have a similar issue with the 3D cursor. Whenever I switch from Global to Local View, the cursor changes position. I’d love to know if there’s a way to keep it’s position consistent, so that I don’t have to correct it all the time.

I’d also like if there was I way to make camera not change, some setting in preferences.