Localised collisions on Armatured characters


I’ve added localised collisions ( well, only the torso) to the old
otopushing demo
If you want to check:

or direct link:


Invalid file. Blender can’t open it. Please reupload the file.

Sorry, I’ve tested it right now…seems to work fine

Maybe it’s the way you’ve donwloaded it
Try with right-mouse click-> Save as?!

By the way, I’ve finally managed to get flash 9 in my Linux box, and have
watched your flash game example for your project
Woahhhhh, those are epileptic games…I don’t even move my finger to the
keyboard…already lost :slight_smile:
Probably I can’t make a game like that…I’ll try

Ok cool, I’ve got it to work now. Don’t know what the problem was.

If you can give me something for my project that would be great, if you can’t thats alright as well. Be sure to follow the guidelines when creating your minigame if you can help.