Locally reloading portions of official addon?

(shocksofmighty) #1

What would be the best way to go about reloading functions from an official addon to contain some modifications? For example, I’ve made some changes to to import_x3d.py to add some object properties for downstream scripting. While I don’t have a problem with modifying that file directly on my system, I would like to be able to give my addon to someone else without them having to go through the trouble of finding the system files to make those changes. Not sure of a straightforward way to do local reloading of the addon but pointing to a different version of the modified file. Thoughts?

(shocksofmighty) #2

Turns out in this particular case it was as easy as just putting the edited import_x3d.py file into my addon and just defining an operator for it that is basically identical to that in the original. The import file is essential a stand-alone series of methods that doesn’t require the rest of the original addon.