Locate .bvh and duplicate


im new to Python, but i need a script for my problem. Hopefully someone can help me, its not a hard script i think.

Im working with an imported .bvh file that performs a certain movement. I need to transform the path of the moment into an object.

I need some sort of script that locates the exact position of the rightwrist (or hand/end) every frame. It then has to insert an object (preferably an orb) on that exact position.

So the script will exist of three parts; a sort of tracker for every frame, a sort of modeller to insert the object on the correct position, and a loop so it will do it for all the frames.

The result should be a path of orbs that shows where the arm has been.
See it as the children story of Hansel and Gretel, that leaves a breadcrum (orb) after every few steps (each frame).

Can someone give me a few tips or pointers? or some basic scripts (preferably ofcourse a full working one ^^ )
Hopefully someone can help me, it would save me a lot of time!

instead of python scripting you could use particles. maybe easier if no python skills