Location axes issue

I posted previously about this problem, but I didn’t get a response. This is the same problem, but I noticed ithe Master Control bone location shows the correct orientation in Local Mode (based on the 3d manipulator widget).

I have tried to learn Local and Global space concepts, but I still don’t understand it.

Is there a way to make the Master Control bone location work in Global mode with the z axis going up and down and the Y axis going front to back?

Global Mode

Local Mode

Blend file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/36404

The transform location that are in the properties panel and that also represent what you will have in the fcurve represent the default local coordinate of your bone.
What you want is for your main one to align with the world coordinate… so you have to go in Edit mode and realign your bone like this image shows…

I wish there was a transformation orientation mode for the 3D manipulator called “Animation” that will be “gimble” for the rotation and “local-default” for the translation and scale. Because in fact for now, as soon as you apply some rotation to a bone, you won’t have the arrow of the 3D manipulator in the viewport corresponding to each axis of the location in the properties channel.

I hope that helps.

Thanks a lot. The answer is so simple, and I should have figured it out myself. Now on to the next problem. :slight_smile: