Location Constraint With character physics?!

So I’m trying to set up a location constraint for my character. All (Logic Bricks)!

But it looks like it ain’t possible to make the constraint work with the motion actuator set to character motion.

Can somebody confirm or break this statement by testing it?

With the motion actuator set to simple motion it worked fine(the constraint) but then my character walked trough walls.
So i fixed the running trough walls by setting it to character motion but that breaks my constraint actuator :confused:

Any thoughts on this ?

Character physics are totally seperate from the other constraints iirc. If you’re desperate for constraints, I’d say “set your character’s physics type to Dynamic and set a solid linear velocity”.

you can use a ray, facing the direction of travel to stop going through walls,

if ray not positive----------and---------move forward
keypress froward----------/

Can you clear that out for me, how I should do that?

don’t allow the player to move forward if ray positive

ray sensor invert checked--------and---------move forward
keypress sensor forward--------/

So 2 sensors the keyboard/ray_Sensor go into 1 AND_Controller that goes into the motion_Actuator right ?

I can’t get it to work (maybe i’m stupid):spin:

The invert button is set the range is 1.0 my character is a cube 2 by 2 it moves to a grid of cubes 2 blenderunits per move it just goes trough the wall like nothing is there and starts glitching

is the ray axis facing the right local direction to be forward axis?

Double checked yes! tried to upload the file but it doesn’t work for some reason :frowning:
I’ll give it another try

I can’t upload the file for some reason.





My midget is on my pc, I am of the lower mobile race at the moment,

I will try and get a look at it next time I have her on a book or something.

Take your time! And thx in advance for trying to help :wink:


Part 1 -
outer wall has property ‘prop’ whose value is Wall
it should have property Wall.

Part 2 - the wall needs to be taller then the origin of the actor

Haha that mistake with the property :o kinda noobish. I think it’s the second time I do this.

yeah I’m still a newbie thx for pointing that out.