Location oj object

Hi all,

Some what of a noobie here.  I am wondering if there is a way to save apply location to obdata.  Ive got the scale and rotation right but when I export to nifskope the center on my gun is of course its center. The FO3 guns are centered on the trigger.  I havent tried it in the game yet but I want the collisions to line up.  So I am looking for some kind of apply obdata location command or any other way of fixing it to off centers.

Thank you for looking

Hi liveside23,

I think you are asking how to reposition the Centre of your mesh?

In edit mode select a vertex or vertices that define where you would like your
centre to be i.e your trigger. Then hit SHIFT-S and select Cursor -> Selection.
Now come out of edit mode by hitting TAB, then under Mesh Panel click
Centre Cursor (see attached image).

This should move the objects centre/origin to the trigger.
Hope this helps?

Kindest Regards,


Whoops forgot image.