Location Values and Size Values Don't Match - Help

I have created three mesh cubes. The first two are scaled (x,y,z) to (1,40,8 ) and the third is scaled to ( 20,1,8 ).

I place the first ( 1,40,8 ) cube at 0x, 0y, and 4z. I place the second ( 1,40,8 ) cube at 20x, 0y, and 4z. The third cube is placed at 10x, 0y, and 4z.

The problem I see is that the two ( 1,40,8 ) cubes are 20x apart, which is the x size of my third cube. The third cube, however, hangs way over the position of the two ( 1,40,8 ) cubes. I would think that with the values indicated I would have the letter H in the top view. Instead, I get something that looks like to plus signs touching.

I can get an H by changing the x location of the second cube to 38x and the third cube to 20x. I understand that the location values are based on the center of the cubes. However, the values still don’t seem correct.

Am I missing something or is this a bug with the software?


are there any parent/children relationships between any of them?

Don’t forget that a mesh cube’s default dimensions are 2x2x2. So when you scaled the third cube by 20, you were making it 40 units long. You probably forgot to take this into account when you were figuring out how much to scale and move the cubes. Scale everything by 0.5 and you should be okay.


Thanks for the info. I have the 2.0 Guide and the 2.3 Guide and I don’t remember seeing that info anywhere. I just assumed that because the transform properties said 1x1x1, I should scale by 1. I did notice the cube was 2x2x2 on the grid though.

Is there a way to get the grid coordinates and the size values to match? If not, I will just remember the .5.


Well, they do match. The Object Size of the cube is 1 (because it has not been shrunk or enlarged). This is not an absolute value, but a ratio of the current size to the original mesh size. The size of the default cube mesh is 2 units in each direction.

Hope that made some sense…

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info. I still have a lot to learn. :slight_smile: