Loch Turret Panorama

A Panoramic Image taken of Loch Turret, with Ben Chonzie in the distance:

>> Full Size 230Kb<<

Stitched using Autopano-sift, Hugin and Enblend.

Post processed for contrast / sharpening in Gimp.


Ah, home sweet home. Yeah Scotland has some lovely scenery. The pic still looks a little dreech though. Not sure how you brighten it up though. See these pics:


Even the overcast ones have some depth to them.

Thanks for the reply osxrules.

Looking at that website, the pictures there seem to have a lot more “oomph” to the colours.

I’ll have another play with the panorama image file in the Gimp and play with curves to see if I can get more colour in the image.

However I suspect I won’t be able to do too much as my camera doesn’t support RAW, but only jpg, so limited colour depth.