Lock files

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Can I lock the . blend files ?
Or import blend files from zip file in real-time ?

not since blender became OSS

look at the python zipfile module

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Am sorry I didn’t Understand

not since blender became OSS

Oo thanks for zipfile Module :smiley: i don’t no blander have it

OSS, Open Source Software

before blender was open sourced you could buy a key from the developers of blender [NaN [not a number]] that would allow you to sign [no additional stuff on plugin, can still be opened] or lock [can only be opened in blender by someone with your key, but player can run it fine] with compression [file needed to be signed or locked, and newer versions of blender have issues with signed/locked/compressed files]

you could technically distributed the .blends which load a variable from a .txt file into the game engine and use python (if it has md5 hashing support) to decrypt several different possible keys and then distribute those .blends and only give certain people the associated .txt files! Sure, the .blends could still be opened up and hacked to remove the need to search for the key first but you could try burying it deep in the code somewhere… that’s about all the more locking you can get! :wink:

other than that you can create an executeable which generally can’t be reversed engineered to source again - someone shrewed enough could though…

Ok I think i understand %|

%| Umm why would you want to lock .blend files? Beats the whole point of having them. The only reason you would pass around a .blend file is if you want others to open it too.

I think they did put in some kinda lock for the .exe. For example if you make it a runtime I probably won’t be able to open it up using blender. We used to be able to open it. Yeah… you can get around that, but it’s not worth the trouble.

Plus you’d want to release your things in an executable anyways.

Jason Lin

Why ……. Ok
Blender is game E , the mining to make and Publish the game
And if want to make sample game it’s ok you can but all of source in exe file
But the big game have to make source date Textures and level and …….
Do you see the big game have a 3 files ( exe and 2 dll ) no

samran abd

wow, slow down on the typing there - if i read it for the words - you are crazy! :smiley:

as far as teh appending thing - make each of your desired scenes/levels/maps be seperate .blends and each has the starting scene look for the .txt file and check the “key” - then if it’s good it loads the starts the scene within it. Your master .blend would load each game (.blend) through script links - it’s still really easy to get your source from the .blends but then again you can get your hl2 source and other source files just as easy! all of the important stuff should be stored in the .exe itself - which is why we have the packing feature!

another route is to rename your .blends to .dll file and then load them as .blends into blender game - the average person won’t open a .dll file - and for sure not with blender! :wink:

ok gay thanks i understand naw :smiley: