Lock from scaling?


Is there a way to lock certain vertices from scaling?

Let me explain:

As a first blender project I’m working on an animation of a book domino.
I’ve modelled a hardcover book and UV mapped it. I scanned some 40 something book covers (tedious) and created the texture files.

Now I would like to make each book have the right size.
Adjusting the height and the length of the book isn’t really a problem. The width however (Y axis in the attachements) is.
I’d like to scale over the Y axis while having both covers retain their sizes.

I’ve played with hiding, separating and proportional editing, but I never really managed to find a working/acceptable proces.

Any tips?
How would you do this?



Hi jeroentbt
If you select all verts in edit mode then hit S for scale and then Y for the Y axis this will scale in the Y direction only likewise in object mode.
Hope it helps

But this will also scale the covers themselves.
I’d like them to keep their size…

Thanks though for reading and replying.

Select each cover in turn and translate apart the same amount.
Then scale the verts that make up the pages and the binding to fit.

I thought it’d probably resort to that.
I guess I was hoping for an easier, two click solution.

Thanks for your input pappy.

select object then N Key for transofrm panel
and check out there you can lock each axis

hope this is what you need

Not quite what I’m looking for.

I’ll probably start separating covers and paper+binding, move (translate) the covers and scale the paper+binding now.


Take the first book and do the resize in a shapekey, make the shapkey version larger then you will need. Use three shapekeys, one for the book thickness, the second for it’s length, and the third for it’s height.

Now make duplicates of the origional book, go into edit mode on each duplicate, select all, and hit “w” . From this “specials” menu choose “blend from shape”, choose the thickness, height, or length key and drag the mouse to set the amount you want.

You can expand this to include any other features of the book that would be nice to vary.



I’ve toyed with them just now (after a little bit of reading on wiki.blender.org). Great stuff. Looks like they will fit the bill just nicely. At least I hope so. :wink:

I’m going to install me at my desk now and start blending.

Thanks for the tip Pappy!