Lock object to HDRI background

Object is a car standing in a garage, which is an HDRI background.
When I move/pan/rotate the car, the background moves with it (as does my view in real life) but when I zoom in or out on the car the background stays put and the car gets smaller or larger, thus the scale of the object and the scale of the background changes.
Is it possible to lock them together or have I totally misunderstood the whole concept of background images.

Irrespective of not having had any replies to my question, I am answering it myself for 2 reasons:
It is not my way to waste anyone’s time and I have found the answer (which may help some other newbie)
Having played about with the dome size and the settings in HDRI Projection it is working as I had hoped and now, if I zoom in or out to my object, I can see the background changing at the same time and all stays in perspective. Brilliant.