Locked out of Edit Mode

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I am new to Blender, but determined to learn. I am running the latest version of Blender Publisher under Windows XP. I keep getting myself into a situation where I can’t get into Edit-Mode either by tabbing or using the Edit-mode button. This happens to me before i can finish the most basic tutorials. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Thanks.

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I’m using the Mac OSX version and have been or a week or two i think, and yeah this happened to me. I had to Command-Click on the object I wished to edit, and THEN hit Tab. I’m not sure what the 3-button mouse equivalent is to a Command-Click, i think it might be a middle click though…

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Err, this may sound like I think you’re stupid ; in fact, it sounds like I think that you may do what I did sometimes myself at the begining : the object must be selected in pink, light pink, to indicate that it is active, before hitting ‘tab’ or the edit button.
Could it be so simple ?


In order to edit an object it has to be selected in the correct manner. Objects that are selected but not editable are dark pink object that are selected but are editable are light pink. In order to switch between editing objects, using a two button mouse, you have to right click on the object you want to edit.

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This may be a little different to your problem but i am constantly being blocked out of going into edit mode and even moving the 3d widnow around to fix it a have to click off the selected object and click abck on it then move it around so i can then get the functions back it also won’t let me out of edit mode. I am running winxp on and athlonxp 2000+ system with 480 ddr ram and a 32mb nforce so its not my computer. Does anyong else get these bugs?

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this happens if you have a “function in progress” such as “rotate” or “scale”
right clicking will get you out of doing what you are curently doing

then you can enter edit mode and move the screen around