Locked Tools Plane in Blender 2.58

Dear all,

anyone find the same problem? I cannot edit the tools plane in Blender 2.58 :frowning:

PS : pls read the attachment



For me, the ‘Add Cylinder’ menu doesn’t even appear in the tools menu. I can only get it by pressing F6, but I can edit it.

If there is a small + symbol at the bottom of the tool shelf (or in earlier versions in the bottom corner of the 3d view) press it to reveal the property editor at the bottom of the toolshelf.

Awesome! Thanks!

aikenau, I had the same after using Loop Tools. At some point Loop Tools gave me a fail msg, and after that I could not adjust the parameters of new objects. Unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce

I have encountered the same problem after using Loop Tools in 2.58. A workaround that I found is to create a new mesh object, enter edit mode, delete all, and still in edit mode add a new mesh to the object. Then I could edit the object settings again.

If we know exactly how Loop Tools causes this we can do a proper bug report.