Locked Track Constraint...

I’ve been trying to figure out how this could be useful all night, and I got nothing from the knowledge base and forum searches.

An example where locked track would be useful could be something like a swivelling gun turret.

Probably a big thing in the game engine too.

I’ve used lock track to automate some rigs with fixed joints (elbows, mechanical joints, …)

Constraints aren’t used in the game engine.


most useful for character rigs (using armatures). take for example a leg.



When I tried it the object didn’t move until the track to object reached -z (or -y or -x) and then it rotated 180 degrees. When I add keyframes the rotation happens in one frame. How can I use this for joints?

before using it make sure to apply rot/scale (CTRL+A). then play with the axis settings.

have a look at my rig shown in the image. get it here:



Thanks for the example. I think I know how to get it to work now.

I don’t quite understand what advantages it offers, though. The limbs seem to move the same way as in my rig with no locked track constraint. Perhaps I’m missing something.