Nothing fancy in the modelling, it`s more of an illumination practice, i wanted it to reflect the sadness of being locked on a prision


It’s hard to see, but it looks like the person is very cartoonish in shape, which doesn’t fit with the mood of the picture. I do very much like the lighting and the vents and the overall feel.

Nice lighting, sets the mood well. Is that a “garage door”?

my only crit… it looks like the figure is floating about a couple of inches off the bed. Perhaps if you dropped it down and rinkled the blanket around the base of the character, it would look more like it was “in the scene”.

the shadows seem a bit wierd- like those vertical lines on the wall?

and the light seems to go through the person, if you look behind the figure on the wall theres 2 sets of shadows- from the figure and from the bars, where they would overlap as one

I think you need to find a better method of lighting - other than that the mood seems good