locker room

A week home sick makes some people do crazy things. It made me want to create a 3d locker room. This is what I have so far, but it seems there’s still something missing.

I would appreciate comments on how to make it look more realistic, and more complete.


all the dirt grime wear tear n’ use… your locker is BRAND SPANKIN NEW… just add a jock strap, and the image would come to life… erm… or the smell would anyway… :expressionless:

cool modeling, I like the look

Yeah, add some dents and scratches to the lockers and throw some towels and stuff around. Add a nice water stain near that drain and you will have a winner.


Add a hamper and a trash can.

:runs: I hate the lockerroom. Not a place for geeks.

Maybe a little graffiti?

Bad memories Jay? :slight_smile:

Memories? lol I just graduated high school, so the memories are still nightmares. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really Nice! I agree with the, you just need to add some personality to it.

For some reason I think that a large monster eating a human corpse with blood running down the drain would look good. Otherwise, good :wink:

how about 20 hot naked chicks, oh excuse me did i say that out loud, haha :smiley:
all kidding aside this is a really nice work, very tight and clean, i like it a lot, good mood

Hehe tha’d be cool :smiley: Nice work btw, just need’s that locker room feel :wink:

I think the majorly distracting thing about this pic is that all the lockers are perfectly the same including how the padlocks sit.

I would change the orientation of a couple of the padlocks, put some dints in a few locker doors and most importantly, I would have one open with a towel draped over the door and some clothes piled inside/in front of it.

Dirt and grime would help too of course.

It’s a nice image though.


Some one has seen “Debbie Does Dallas” too many times, (or Porky’s) :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated image…

A bit dirtier, darker, and evil…

You should make the lock on the locker the eyes are in broken and laying on the floor.

BTW nice update. I like where you went with this one.

Very realisic, nothing more to say, euh wait maybe one thing,
what is that monkeyhead above the lockers doing? LOL

good spot marcoscosci :stuck_out_tongue:

looking cool, however your floor is way too clean… you need to scratch it up big time, and add stains…

ditch the eyes…

needs rusty chode stains near the drain…

hehee i like the glowing eyes… but still needs to be dirtier. some stains on the benches. also the reflection on the benches doesn’t look right… to regular.

keep going with this one.