I would like any feedback on this. I think I like how this came out, and think it has potential as a scene I could finish.
I wonder if i should pull the camera back and show more of the school (and model more of the school). Also what could i do with the lighting with this?
I didn’t take the locker into substance painter, so maybe that can be something too. Thanks for anyone who took the time to look and give any advice for it.


Well I am not an artist whatsoever, but in my humble opinion everything is super clean with no dirt, imperfection and whatnot. Plus, I believe there is nothing that exciting for the viewer to get curious about. I don’t know, maybe it’d be worth trying to get the door cracked open, and placing a bright light inside that might look like a portal to some other dimension :smiley:

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ok makes sense more dirt and grime and something of interest happening. Yeah one thing I was thinking is the colors are very limited, so far mainly to the blue of the lockers.

Definitely try roughness maps and mix them. You can find some great fingerprint, water residue and scratches maps on ambient cg {for free} if you look for “surface”

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yes I need to do that! thanks… They are all way too shiny… Planning to do that.

Well I did some work, trying to figure out “The Story,” right now… and yeah, mainly I added more school and i am puttering around a bit… but still it’s an update so some progress has been made… :slight_smile:

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I think the light works great, really ominous mood.

What’s with the shading error on the left?

Would you dare to show your Topo :smiley:

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sure thing ! this is the topology of the lockers. Thanks!

Been trying to figure out the personality a bit more, which has been slow. also i straightened the lockers and moved the camera cause i realized it was really tilted. i think that’s enough to post an update.

You could get rid of these triangles by connecting them to loop cuts you add(with “J”), but in most scenes it looks fine. Your call …

Thanks, yes okay.

Moved the camera and made a lot of changes to go with more far back camera. So thought i’d make another update. I am planning to attempt to texture the locker in Substance painter soon.

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I did some lighting cause it was looking flat. Though is the scene now maybe is getting too dark? I tend towards dark scenes. Also should maybe add color in the lighting more. Will look into that soon too.

You can do things like that quickly in photoshop, helps with decision-making, and you dont have to change it all, render, then change again etc

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that’s a good idea. yeah that would save some time. thanks!

One thing that I realized, is when I am looking for a dark ominous vibe it often gets too dark and i realized probably because that is actually kind of hard to do, to get the vibe atmosphere look, without it becoming too dark… so that is something i am going to look into.

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I think you’d have to have some kind of focal point with a lot of contrast.

Maybe a locker is bursting with light from the inside, or a reflective mesh is laying on the ground in front, or a fuzzy character gets some edge lighting etc.

This is really interesting for me, composition-wise (idk sh***) please keep updating (:

added a few decals and moved things about a bit.
I plan to play some more with shape language. and try to get more of a cartoon style, or at least a bit more. plan to bring locker into substance painter still. not sure with lighting. and yeah, still thinking what i could do story wise to make this more interesting. I have not opened the locker door or anything though I admit that i can see the appeal to it. still thinking on that.

been working a bit on lighting and compositing. i think the color is subtle but less flat