Locking Motion


I’m just beginning work on a game, and right now I’m just seeing if I can do some demos of a bunch of things that I want to use. I’ve come to my first obstacle.

The game is going to be a 3d side scroller. I also want to incorporate the physics engine. So, when I move my actors they are subject to physics, which means that they can move along the x-axis. You don’t want that in a side scroller. :slight_smile: Thusly, I’m looking for a way to lock an x=0 factor for motion on all of the actors that I use. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for the help. I will also be willing to provide any more information, but like I said, this is in the early development stage. There is not a lot of material to post.

You could have a plane on both sides of your levels, that would keep x as zero

Or you could probably write a python script to constantly set X to 0 or something like that.

Just use a constraint actuator.