Locking the axis of an empty to the global axis


I’m donig an animationa about the Earth moving around the sun.

To rotate it i’m using an empty at the centre of the sun, parent to earth. Then i rotate it and earth roates around the sun. Until now, easy stuff…

My problem is that i would like to have earth axis always pointing towards the same direction while rotating. What happens is that earth axis also rotates, changing it’s direction (i’ve noticed it because i’ve tilted earth axis).

Since i have more than one mesh for earth, i’m using an empty and would like to lock its axis to the global axis of my setup.

Any sugestion?

Jorge Humberto

Create a NEW empty and Parent it to the Sun Empty, then orphan the earth empty and add a “copy Location” contraint to it, and have it copy the location of new empty.

That way the Earth empty is simply copying the location of the new empty and not rotating along!

Hope that makes sense :smiley:

Thanx Calvin!

Great idea! Simple and efficient!


PS: Sorry about the bad english in my 1st post… besides a lousy keyboard, i also forgot to read it before posting… :smiley: