Locking the position of different meshes within one object

I love the feature to lock individual transform controls on the object level, but I’m missing those with individual meshes within one object. Is there such an option? To lock a group of vertices on a given position?

I’m [not] looking for a workaround though. Of course I can split meshed and everything but then it’s not practical anymore. I’m using meshes within an object to define say cut-outs, holes and things for later. Would be nice to make sure, they stay where they are but still be usable in edit mode, when I want to connect vertices and build or delete faces.

[EDIT: I’m convinced to better listen to workarounds as well.]

No such option. There’s an easy way to do it but you weren’t looking for a workaround.

Ok, thanks. Well, if the workaround doesn’t involve keeping the meshes as individual objects, I’d be happy to hear it. I really shouldn’t reject solutions beforehand.