Hi, I’m new and struggling with getting a plane (with a tree PNG on it) to track my camera.

I think LockTrack is what I need. I want the Z axis of the plane to track the camera, and the Y axis to stay fixed. So I select my plane, then the camera, then CTRL-T and choose LockTrack. My plane then flips over at an angle (not sure why) so I guess I need to say what’s locked etc.

So then I add a LockTrack constraint, and choose “Track To: Z”, “Lock: Y” but my plane is still in the same orientation - it hasn’t moved (my tree is kind of on its side)

In the docs, I found this:

Note: According to the documentation the Lock axis buttons of the LockTrack Constraint command, when pressed will take the selected Lock axis and point it toward the global axis of the same type. This doesn’t seem to happen in Blender 2.46 as the Lock axis does not appear to move to orient along the global axis.

So I guess my question is a) am I doing everything right, and if so, is this a known bug?

I’m using 2.48a btw


i think you want the Track To to face the plane to the camera, but then Limit Rotation below that to prevent any xy rotation.

Thanks for the quick reply PapaSmurf

I just got it working about 10 seconds before I read your post - I was adjusting the constraint axes on the Camera, not the Plane. Adjusting it on the plane works perfectly

Told you I was a noob he :slight_smile: