locomotion system ?


Is there a way to add locomotion system to a game ? could anyone tell me how ?


Like a train? I guess you could use rigid body constraints.

I am refering to this “tool”, not a"train".

Not that I am aware of, that program looks awesome, hopefully I am wrong b/c it would be awesome if someone had made one as in depth and procedurally driven as that one for the BGE.

Here’s his thesis paper and video explanations for anyone interested.

prety cool this locomotion stuff, i hope someone on the comunity implement something, cool!

For that you would need to be able to get and set by code/script the position of the foot bone, based on an IK armature rig, that leaving aside the needed rotation to the spine for a natural pose. In theory it would be posible, but that would take some serious CPU computing, making games unplayable.
Besides so far there are very few games made that have characters (normally he playable character so far are cubes or spheres) so there would be very little chances to actually test it around.

Cloud GL you gave me an ideia, everybody uses that cube, ill try to create another template, maybe i came up with something usefull for us.
wish me luck

Progress ?

nothing until now, i m working on other things, sorry about that, i ll try to work on this and if i make somwthing usefull i ll try to contact you

You may be able to use bones and animate them to bend as much as necessary to provide the effect.