Locomotive Shed, Winter Sunset

A simple set up looking from inside a locomotive shed catching the last rays of sun on a winter’s day. Still plenty to work on - I want to include a light dusting of snow on the exterior to help transition the view from inside to outside as well as include lots of partially seen details on the interior. Also thinking about a full-blown rookery.

The locomotives in the picture are Sir Frederick Banbury (LNER 103 , black livery), Sandwich (BR 60039) and an anonymous LNER N2. This particular scene could never actually happen due to the time periods that these particular configurations of locos occurred in.

Everything is custom built except for the trees (Polygoniq) , and the grass (Graswald). The image itself is inspired by a picture by Liam Barnes which you can find on his Instagram account (@liambarnesphotography).



Here’s a clay render with the same lighting set up.


I’m using the Physical Starlight and Atmosphere to light this image, which means that it is relatively easy to play with realistic variations in lighting. Here’s another version a little earlier in the day. Rendering with different lighting is a good way to debug the model and textures. Let me know if you prefer the original sunset set up or the colder lighting of the earlier-in-the-day version.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart!

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Awesome work!

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I think that the second shot works much better in terms of overall lighting levels – those connecting rods were far too shiny – but I do like the warm color-palette of the first, which feels considerably more dramatic. Excellent setting and modeling.

Shiny rods is something I hear a lot of feedback on. I’ve actually been working on the metal material of late (which is switched between the first and second image) but I’ve not yet done much in terms of the weathering. Ironically, most references for trains are of modern preserved locomotives which are looked after far more than they were when running for real.

I’ll put up a render with some improvements to the metal this weekend (hopefully).

I was working on a different project and playing around with the idea of rendering versions of the scene with different lighting setups, and then mixing them using the mist pass. I tried this with this scene, using the warmer sunset render for outside the building and the cooler daytime render for inside.

I’ve also added a little bit of extra detail in the form of a bike leaning against the right hand wall.

Some small adjustments to the concrete floor as well as the addition of better modeled puddles.