Locomotive (SOO LINE)

my current work-in-progress :evilgrin:
I’ll start adding details soon…

Crits appreciated.


(do the wheels look convincing (and the brakes which are in front of the wheels ? …got the feeling they’re too small))

no crits ? :frowning:

Ok, personal opinion here (and the one I think you asked about)…the wheels do look too thin as far as I’m concerned. Sizewise they otherwise look Ok, but from what I recall of locomotives, the wheels aren’t thick enough.

Also, I’m concerned about the space underneath the front wheels…I’m assuming you’re going to close that off as you progress?

Finally (another opinion) I do hope you’ll be adding a headlight as you go on!

weels should be alot thicker and slitily tapered. rim looks like it has 0 thicness

use more polys on the plough

Don’t use more poly’s on the plough but set it smooth and autosmooth (sorry hessiess)

And I second the demand for a headlight


ok first of all thanks for the crits…

yes, ill add a headlight (counts as detail which ill be adding)
about the wheels what i asked was if the brakes are too thin (the blocks in fronts of the wheels)
from looking at many locomotives they should be thicker buit in th4e blueprints i have i cant distinguish how thick they are…

and yes the rims are too slim atm thats right ill work on that :slight_smile:

ow and ill close the space between the wheels…

More crits appreciated !

ill post an update soon with lights and horn and modified handrails.

work is going on on the brakes atm.

ok, here we go.


It looks like it’s done in (Google) Sketchup.
Which is baaad.

theres verry little changed scince the last pic. the flanges on the weels still look paper thin

@ChevyVanDudeG20: that really doesn’t help me … what can i improve ?

@hessies: ill start working on the wheels and so on now…

always use reference images
but its looking good

well my next post will be with improved wheel and an reference image x.x

it was really hard to find a good image whith that locomotive and its brakes in detail but now i found one so im working on it ^^

I think he wan’t to say he doesn’t like your toony render settings and thinks the model is cartoony.
So I think he would like a render without the “edges on” setting. And AO (wich is off now no?).

keep up the good work


you don’t need more polies on the plough, make the mesh smooth and add an edgesplit modifier with a low angle setting, something like 15 or 20. that will make the plough look smoother while everything else will stay sharp. Also, it looks as if they are thris instead of quads. try to convert them to quads and they will look better.

i know those wheels still too thin… i tried starting on the lower part of the locomotive but lost my motivation after i couldnt figure out on all blueprints and reference images how the ‘thing’ in front of the wheel (i think its a break works)


still looking like done in google sketchup ? :stuck_out_tongue: (i like the toon-style but in the end this is going to look realistic so w/e)

dude its your render if you like it more power to you.
and yea its looking much better.

i know its my render, the toon style was only to make more of the details in the grey-only zones clear :smiley:

and he has a point in the end its not going to be a toon-style pic it will look realistic :wink: