LocRot Keys unable to be removed?

In testing an animation, I had selected objects, and added LocRot keys on different frames, which at the time worked fine. Unfortunately, I’m now running into problems in that I cannot delete these keys… They don’t show up in the Action Editor.
When working now, each frame I edited has a different but invisible key, making it nearly impossible to create a smooth animation.

Is there any way I can completely reset all animation?
I need to start over, but it appears that even Appending the mesh into a new file carries the animation with it…

Please help!
I can post the .blend if necessary, though I’d need to find a host…

the keyframes you inserted should be under theIPO window, not action. Just delete the key points from there. ‘A key’, then ‘X’

Spot on!
Thanks so much, you’ve saved my project. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/sago/Pics/Emoticons/big_smile.gif

actions window is only for amatures and poses. If you are just doing simple rot/loc/scale, it will always be in the IPO window. :smiley: