LOD groups in Blender a la Maya, for FBX export ?

Maya has LOD groups (whatever that is): https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Content/FBX/StaticMeshes/index.html#lodsetup

which allows exporting several objects as single “unit”, so that when it’s imported into UE4, engine automatically sets up LOD iterations for “base” mesh.

Is there something similar in Blender, so that when FBX is exported, internally it “looks” like it was exported from Maya with LOD groups?


From skimming the docs page it looks like a hierarchy naming and common pivot requirement. Don’t see why that couldn’t be replicated in Blender.

I see. How would I do that in Blender? (and I wonder if FBX exporter retains hierarchy on export)

@Blender Devs: So, can Blender mimic Maya’s LOD groups ?

Right now, only Maya (and I think 3DS Max) have built in support for LOD Groups that are also exported to FBX LOD Groups I’m afraid, from Blender, you need to export all the individual files with the right names.