LOD material and texture level of detail.

Hi :slight_smile:
now that i have solved the automatic mesh-change for object in my big map, i have another little problem.the mesh changing is too “fast” .

There is not smooth transctions between LowDef Mesh and HigherDef Mesh?
There is not a way for make an effect of transparency increase/decrease between the 2 mesh?

Another question: there is an actuator/script/command for change directly a texture or a material in an Obj?

no there is no transition.

You should switch details when the difference between the levels is nearly not visible/recognizable anymore. That is the idea of LOD (the same idea as with mipmaps). If you see the switching you either switch too early (logic issue) or your meshes do not match enough (artistic issue).

i will try to add precision between different meshes. ^^ ty so much

problem : in solid view the fps are up to 60, in texture view drop to 9/10 :frowning: i use simple png 512x512 (only 2 textures) for entire scene, and the camera stops clip at 100u :frowning: the mesh are simply cube with 8/16 vertexs 4each one (for simulate buildings) and they are only 10 objects… a very very lowpoly scene…

what i miss?

resolution in bge 800x600

2.75 has a system to delay ‘pop back’

…on top of this, we need a system that fades in the new model from the old… with alpha + mist color (so it does not stick out in mist)

“LOD alpha fade”

If that is the case, I guess there must be something else. I suggest to upload a demo file.

If you do not want to publish your texture, you can replace them with test images from Blender.

i solved the “pop effect” at 100% using mist combo with less clip distance in camera ^^ and also more lod step in mesh editing ^-^

i found that my Blender use only CPU and don’t detect any GPU!! (is an ATI 4800 radeon HD) how i can solve this?? the drivers arfe the latest Win8.1 (the best found) , is total uncompatible with BGE? :frowning: do i have to change to an Nvidia?

mist are fantastic ^-^