LOD System - Radar

Its simple LOD system. I make LOD for Hell 3 and this is great

Great :o . Thanks for sharing! Will try that on my scene at once (and post the results).

Um that’s not Level Of Detail… that would be culling. LOD uses very simple meshes from far away in your virtual world and higher detail meshes when you get up close to them.

Yours seems to work well though. It’s very similar to a previous one that siant_pill did awhile back.

Lod is posible for 3 and more radar sensor.

This script I making. You have a 3 (or more)models and this script is replacing models! Wait a moment.

If script is complete:
I placed here
I am Stupid :<

As far as I could tell, this is culling. Is there any LOD in this script?
Can we have a “how-to” make it work on other scenes?

Hi there Mili ! I like That…

How the models are replaced?

Thank You